Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What should I wear to the Events?

ANSWER: In order to make everyone look their best at an event many event hosts will suggest how to dress. However, unless we are hosting a theme party we encourage you to decide what to wear. This is aimed to ensure that your experience is enjoyable and relaxed. Nevertheless, the reality of the swinging world is that you will attract more people if you dress/look your best. Our Hotel Takeovers are an all day affair so if you are staying at the hotel and check in hours before the event starts, make sure to bring appropriate clothing, as you will have a pool to meet others and the event locations usually have some recreational places you could visit before the main event starts at night.

QUESTION: What kind of other events do you organize?

ANSWER: We host a variety of different types of parties comprised of couples and unescorted females. Our hotel takeovers which average between 150-200 couples, pajama, topless or best dessert house parties averaging 30-40 couples, Controlled gang bangs for 3-4 couples and 12-15 unescorted very well selected good looking males and we also co-host "Good looking Couples Orgies" 10-12 couples, and we are always open to organize "Fantasy Nights" for couples or Females with any fantasy they may have. Contact us with details of your fantasy and if we are able to make it happen, we will let you know right away.

QUESTION: Can we invite friends or another couple/single?

ANSWER: Yes, as long as you let us know ahead of time so we can be aware of how many couples/singles are attending, we also prefer everyone attending to be part of the lifestyle or thinking about joining...

QUESTION: Do you have rules at your events?

ANSWER: Yes, we have strict rules for everyone of our events, Rules are posted on our IntimateParties Group site, some rules change depending on the type of event.

QUESTION:Does the venue offer food?

ANSWER: At most events we supply light hot & cold finger food & depending on the occasion, we also offer a late night dessert by the pool.


ANSWER: BYOB: Means Bring your own Bottle of liquor, if you are bringing Beer make sure its cans and not glass as glass is not permitted no where near the pool but you could always pour it in to a cup at the mixer stations, we never sell/supply liquor at any of our events, we do offer a mixers station with ice,sodas, juices,cups and all you need to mix your own drinks. There might be a exception when we host a event with a cash bar offered by the venue, then BYOB is for your room after the main party is over and the theme parties start. BYOC Means bring your own condoms.

QUESTION: What kind of music will you have at the events?

ANSWER: We have extremely experienced DJ's, an experienced DJ will feel the crowd vibes and go with what the crowd is responding to but we have to say our DJ's are some of the best in the all the entire NY,NJ,PA,CT,MA area and they welcome request, just don't request Kenny G or you will be ignore,lol.

QUESTION: What is the average ages of people who attend the Events/Parties?

ANSWER: Even though there is no cut off age you must be 21 or older to attend, No Exceptions! Although we have sexy people of all ages attending the average age is 35 years old.

QUESTION: What makes your Events different?

ANSWER: Our events have a format with a little of everything, kind of like going out for a nice evening with the wife, drinks, a show, Dancing and a bunch of good looking swinging Couples with theme/Play rooms and to End the night a completely private Clothing optional Indoors Heated pool & many other surprises kept for those that attend the events; The Extraordinary thing is that is all happens at the same place & the same night, and that separates us from any other Events/Parties in the lifestyle, not just locally but in the entire swinging World.

QUESTION: How Do we confirmed our spot on the events, do we really need to get a room & when do we receive the hotel and code information for our reservations?

ANSWER: Once you make your Donation, we will confirmed your spot at the event and send you the hotel info and code for your reservations if needed, You don't have to reserve a room to attend but we highly recommended it if you will be drinking.

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